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Property Details


  • It offers Wi-Fi, cable TV, living room and common kitchen, ample space of Backyard and Garden in the back. Shops and Services available nearby, within a 3 to 5 minute walk: Subway STCP Buses Pharmacy Mini price sweet drop Lidl Continent Banks Public garden

Room size

  • All rooms are furnished with private bathroom and private study area. Room 8 is double. Bedroom 1: - m2 Bedroom 2: - m2 Bedroom 3: - m2 Bedroom 4: - m2 Bedroom 5: - m2 Bedroom 6: - m2 Bedroom 7: - m2 Bedroom 8: - m2

General features

  • Housing fully recovered in 2013, with 8 suites. It is located in front of the Order of Doctors of Porto and next to the Fernando Pessoa University.Number of Floors: 3 Rooms Bathrooms: 9 Number of Kitchens: 1 Number of Rooms: 1 Locker Area: 1 Parking: No Air Conditioning: No Outdoor Parking: 1

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    Mirpur New Bazar Road, Block-c, Dhaka-1210

    (732) 803-01 03, (732) 806-01 04, (880)172380129
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Internet WI-FI and Digital TV

The entire house has WI-FI signal and the rooms are equipped with a cable TV service.

Cleaning of common areas

Cleaning service of common areas, 2 times a week.

No pets allowed

Although we like animals a lot, pets are not allowed in the house, due to the high number of users of the same.

Are Surety Bonds Necessary?

Each student must have at least one guarantor of Portuguese nationality.

Who can apply?

Only students who must attend one of the Universities of Porto.

How old is accepted?

The student must be between 18 and 23 years old to apply.

It’s Easy to Find Us

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    Mirpur New Bazar Road, Block-c, Dhaka-1210


    (732) 803-01 03, (732) 806-01 04, (880)172380129

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